Mar 23, 2016

Expert Rifleman – Reloaded 1.3

Category:General Expert Rifleman 

Bug fixes 

1: Fixed bug where default slope factor was loaded rather than correct saved value 
2: Fixed bug in static chart where wind speed was not converted from MPH to meters per second under metric units. 
3: Fixed scope cant error cause by quaternion order. 
4: Minor bugs in ballistics model. 


1: For consistency rifle is no longer rezeroed under static chart conditions. 
2: Changed default latitude to 38 degrees 


1: new procedural sky box with 3d volumetric animated clouds 
2: New ballistic chart settings to hide chart 
3: Increased range on charts to 1500 yards 
4: Switched from a dual camera rendering system to a triple camera rendering system now possible to view objects as far as 2001 meters away. 
5: Made zoom a button 
6: Powder temperature now effecting rifles zero. More rigorously defined powder temperature you now need to enter the temperature at which muzzle velocity was measured. 
7: Upper and lower limit for wind speed settings 


Update includes a new map