Aug 12, 2015

Expert Rifleman - Reloaded on Steam and GreenManGames for $14.99

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Expert Rifleman - Reloaded will be released on Steam and Green Man Gaming on Aug 14 at 7:00PM. The price will be $14.99. We have disabled sales for Expert Rifleman on our store, which we will be redoing in the future to allow us to sell Steam keys. Expert Rifleman can still be downloaded from the store by people who purchased it there. We will be emailing steam keys for Expert Rifleman - Reloaded to everyone who purchased Expert Rifleman from the BattleByte Store.

Expert Rifleman - Reloaded change log:

* Wind will now change based on the timer set in environmental data. Before it would not change for the first ten shots. This is no longer needed as it is now possible to set this timer.

* Added multi camera rendering system allowing increased camera depth precision.

* Upgraded engine

* New internal ballistics features

* Improved graphics, physics based shading

* Vehicle physics / waypoint following rewritten.

* Fixed labels for mouse axes and many minor fixes