Oct 15, 2013

Expert Rifleman Released

Category:Expert Rifleman 

Expert Rifleman is a 3D training simulator. The goal was to create a realistic environment where the shooter can learn the basics of long range shooting. For about the price of a box of bullets Expert Rifleman allows the shooter to exploit the following features.

  • Full featured Ballistics Calculator
  • True 3D simulation allowing time of flight and realistic moving targets
  • Load your own ranging reticle image
  • Compare calibers based on ballistic performance flight time, drop and drift.
  • Learn to use Mil-Dot/Mil-Hash Range Estimation
  • Create a moving target at any range, speed and heading. Learn to lead moving targets based on time of flight and target speeds.
  • Learn to shoot in the wind.
  • Several different maps including a high angle map.
  • Try out zeros at different ranges. Simulation also allows you to set the conditions under which your rifle is zeroed.